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What are the impacts of COVID-19 in Europe? Map shows social and economic indicators

The evolution of atmospheric pollution but also the resumption of industrial and commercial activity, or the monitoring of traffic, are part of the data that is being compiled on the Rapid Action coronavirus Earth observation (RACE) dashboard and that can be viewed online through consultation of a map.

The platform combines data from observation satellites with artificial intelligence and results from a collaboration between ESA, the European Commission and the EO, in partnership also with academic entities and companies that provide useful information to monitor the social and economic changes that result from pandemic of the COVID-19 and of the deflation that is taking place all over Europe.

The different analyzes can be made based on a specific country or an indicator, such as commercial movements in a city, and consulted on a map or a data table. The concentration of nitrogen dioxide in major cities is also one of the relevant data.

The dashboard is being enriched with more data and there is still not much information, and some countries do not yet have indicators, such as the case of Portugal.

In addition to the European data there is some information that can be viewed at a global level, especially that related to the levels of air pollution.