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What are the benefits of implementing a CRM?

You can start a business and manage it using spreadsheets. In these early stages, it will be easy to manage your clientele and their respective histories. But with the increase in the number of customers and not in your team, things are starting to get more difficult. A CRM is better able to handle this.

To help you decide to leave the spreadsheets aside, we have put together some of the main benefits of implementing a CRM to manage your relationship with customers. If you still don't know what a CRM is, don't go yet!

In this article, we will explain what the acronym means and how this type of system works. That way, you will better understand the benefits that we will demonstrate.

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What is a CRM?

Acronym forCustomer Relationship Management, which in Portuguese means Consumer relationship management, this type of program aimed exclusively at companies.

It usually serves a variety of purposes, but the main one is to improve your business relationship with customers. This is done through a system that unifies your information, in addition to keeping a record of everything that talked to that same customer.

That is, the main among the benefits of implementing a CRM is to have a place with all the information of a customer.

There are several types of CRM, usually serving specific sectors of your company. Sales CRM and Marketing CRM are some examples of focused systems.

Still, everyone tends to fulfill some basic roles, which generate the benefits of implementing a CRM that we will talk about next.

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5 benefits of implementing a CRM?

There is no point in talking about a type of system – many of which are paid – without justifying why you should use it. That is why knowing the main benefits of implementing a CRM is so important.

Check out what these benefits are in the next paragraphs!

1. Produces reliable reports

If you usually produce your reports “by hand” or delegate this task to another, it is common to find some errors. Whether by typing, forgetting or even accessing wrong information, sometimes it ends up with material that does not reproduce the reality of your business.

With a CRM, you can generate reports automatically. Just configure some parameters and it is possible that the report is already generated automatically. Of course, in order for it to exit correctly, it is still necessary to enter correct information, since all the work is done by the program.

Even so, the reports created by the system are more accurate, since it is not subject to typos or any forgetfulness.

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2. Organize contact details

Are you working at home online through team meeting applications? If you already have a sales team, each one is likely to have their own control of customers and contacts. With a CRM, you can centralize all your customers and prospects in one place.

Furthermore, there is no risk that a salesperson will change the registration of a customer other than yours. In a unified spreadsheet with edit access for everyone, this is a very real probability – and it can be very confusing!

Therefore, data organized in one place with different levels of access ensures that you have access to all information, but a team member cannot change customer data that is not theirs.

In addition, an organized database will allow a better segmentation of customers, which we will comment on below.

3. Better customer segmentation

Segmenting customers means separating them into smaller groups, according to the relationship you have with them. For example, a prospect who clicked links on your Instagram profile is different from a customer who buys every month.

What does that mean? Who must communicate and present offers in different ways!

With a CRM system, you can do this segmentation more efficiently. In other words, being able to create messages more efficiently and with a better chance of selling more to your prospects and customers.

4. Better ability to build relationships

By improving segmentation, it also improves the ability to build relationships with your customers. With good relationships, it increases the chances of selling more, besides making your client an evangelizer of your brand.

That is, not only to buy, but also to convince people in your social circle to become customers as well.

crm is used to build better relationships

5. Ability to automate repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks are not challenging, but certainly time-consuming, which could be used to think about new strategies or test new methods.

One of the benefits of implementing a CRM is to automate some of these tasks, depending on the software you use. One of these tasks has already been mentioned here: producing reports.

Other tasks also include: changing the position of prospects in the sales funnel of your business, sending reminders to contact customers who have been inactive for some time, and even receiving tips to improve their performance.

Start testing the benefits of implementing a CRM now!

Now that you know some of the main advantages of using such a system, how about starting a test today?

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