What are the 3 most important hardware specifications on your Android?

When you look at your smartphone and think about the three main technical specifications of the device which comes to mind first? Drums? RAM memory? Optical Image Stabilizer? A camera with more megapixels? A screen with higher resolution? These are mine!

3. Processor

A processor that doesn't heat up, doesn't crash, and handles the essential multitasking feature that is essential to me as I spend the day downloading new applications, testing and comparing camera and video modes, and using the smartphone in conjunction with wearables and the computer. Of course there are times when I just want to play Candy Crush Soda, but nothing compares to the experience with an Exynos 7420, for example, capable of executing processes extremely quickly, even running with the Touchwiz. This way, the processor is specifying number three on my list!

snapdragon 800 back closeup portrait
The third position of my hardware spec podium is the processor! / ANDROIDPIT

2. RAM Memory

There's no point in a big processor if flash memory doesn't keep up with the hardware. Devices with 2 to 3 GB RAM are becoming standard in the market and, with Android's recent support for 64-bit technology, smartphones with 4 GB or higher RAM will begin to hit the market more often. Thus, for the sake of more fluid task execution and data processing, RAM is the second most important feature of a smartphone in my opinion.

ram 1
The second position of my hardware specifications podium is RAM! / Taringa

1. Battery

There's no point in a Ferrari in the garage if you don't have the money to put fuel in it. The battery is the Achilles heel of smartphones and still be for some time. However, smartphones such as the Galaxy Note 4, Moto Maxx, LG G4 and Elephone P5000, for example, show that more options are coming to the market bringing ever better battery life. From time to time, my battery only lasts 2 hours right after charging the phone, much of it comes from the requirement of the screen and the processor when I'm playing (most often for leisure) and in 2015 this should be prohibited by law.

from teaser
The first position of my hardware spec podium is the battery! / ANDROIDPIT

Today I use the Xperia Z2, but I'm switching to the Galaxy S6 Edge because of the processor of the device. However, looking at the three hardware specifications that are most important to me, I realize that my new smartphone should be a cross between the Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge, ASUS Zenfone 2 and Elephone P5000. And yours? Take the poll below and let us know in the comments below what are your three favorite hardware characteristics and why?

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