what Apple’s “Magic Keyboard 2” would look like, with a row of OLED keys

Concept: what Apple's “Magic Keyboard 2” would look like, with a row of OLED keys

Apple ?just? released the second version of its wireless keyboard, the Magic Keyboard.

Among the novelties we have the use of battery instead of batteries (with a great autonomy), a smaller depth for the keys (something between MacBook Air / Pro and MacBook), among other details you can check them all in our review.

But why am I talking about the Magic Keyboard? For a simple reason: round to a rumor which is gaining more and more force that the next generation of MacBook Pro will be completely renewed, which includes USB-C ports instead of the traditional USB-A / Thunderbolt and a new OLED row that would be on top of the keyboard, replacing the current function keys (Esc, F1, F2, F3).

They have even created a beautiful concept of what this machine could be like.

For, if this MBP is indeed released, what would prevent Apple from bringing this same technology to the Magic Keyboard? If the novelty arrives and is one of those to change the way we interact with the keyboard / system for the better, I have no doubt that users of Macs mini, iMacs and Macs Pro will also want to take advantage of all this on their wireless keyboards.

Thinking about it, CURVED / labs tried to imagine how this could be «Magic Keyboard 2».

The possibility of having this new «screen» working in a contextual way, changing according to the app that is running on the system, really cool.

In addition, in addition to the OLED touchscreen row, Apple could take the opportunity to correct a serious accessory error: the lack of backlighting on the keys.


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(via 9to5Mac)