what a MacBook would look like with two touch screens, Face ID and more

Concept: what a MacBook would look like with two touch screens, Face ID and more

No matter how outside the curve – or Apple’s own speech – something may be, there will always be a place in the minds of designers for new and peculiar product concepts.

Apple executives have stated several times that they would not make a MacBook with a touch screen because it would not be “the proper use” of the machine.

Still, nothing prevents us from imagining what it would be like.

The Swiss website HandyAbovergleich went even further and created a concept of a fully touch-sensitive MacBook, based on several Apple rumors and patents.

Experts and informants agree: the iPhone X was just the beginning of a new era for Apple products.

As current Apple patents suggest, the Mac and MacBook will be one of the next products to be completely redesigned.

In addition to a multi-touch OLED screen, the concept bets on a MacBook with 3D camera and Face ID, ideas coming from a real patent registered by Apple, which suggests that Apple computers will gain these improvements in a while.

The big news, however, would be the replacement of the physical keyboard with another touchscreen, capable of reproducing both images that can be worked with an Apple Pencil, and a keyboard (which possibly would provide a not so good experience – or a bad one? – typing).

This screen would also be OLED and would come with 3D Touch support and haptic feedback.

Other features of this concept are: speakers twice the size on the sides of the MBP, an even thinner housing, a much larger trackpad and almost borderless screen.

We know that the concept – at least exactly as it is – will not come true, but as it is not a crime to imagine and comment on it, we want to know what you thought of this idea quite different from a “MacBook Touch”.

via 9to5Mac