WeVideo – An Online Video Editor with Google Drive Integration

Make video editions online.

Let's make a movie?

There are many home video editing software for Linux, the most famous of which may be OpenShot, there are others like Cinelerra which has always been famous and the most novice and professional LightWorks.

But if you don't have a very powerful machine, or have not adapted / liked the available editors for your Linux, WeVideo may be a good alternative.


How to use WeVideo

Go to the WeVideo website and sign in with an existing account, you can use a Facebook, Google or Yahoo account, or if you prefer to create a WeVideo account. WeVideo

Let's look at the components of the editor.

WeVideo Features

  1. Region where the videos you uploaded are selected
  2. Region where the images you have uploaded are selected
  3. Region where songs you uploaded are selected
  4. Add transitions to frames
  5. Text and caption tool
  6. Storyboard
  7. Region where files uploaded to the server are exposed
  8. Button you should use when you want to upload some kind of media (music, photo, video etc.)
  9. You can add themes and create vignettes
  10. Button for publishing, you can export the video to your Google Drive account.

Positive and negative points

Positives: Beautiful and neat interface, semi-professional video production, cloud solution (no need to install a bit), Works with various video formats, exportable to Google Drive.

Negatives: In the free version, there is a WeVideo watermark in the videos, you need to have a good connection to use the application, the english interface.

My opinion

I'm still looking for a editor with all the features I need and it's free, I needed to do a presentation shortly and WeVideo broke the branch very well. It was really quality work, as Kdenlive and OpenShot were falling short in rendering the video.

Worth the test!

WeVideo still has Android versions and a Google Chrome app.

See you next tip!

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