Western Digital's My Book Duo storage solution delivers up to 20TB for the space-hungry!

Personally, I was never a storage bug. Survive easily with the 256GB of my brave and loyal 2012 MacBook Pro, moving to an external HDD (currently 94% empty, good to note) just old college papers and other files I don't need immediate access to.

However, I know that I am part of a minority: for most especially advanced users and / or professionals in some area, the need for more space only increases each year, with files weighing and accumulating more and more.

Obviously there will be very few who will need a solution like this that we are going to talk about now, but anyway, it is nonetheless interesting to talk about it even by the “Wow!” Factor of the thing. I'm talking about My Book Duo, Western Digital's new external storage device, which can hold up to 20TB (yes, 20 terabytes!) to the joy of the thirstiest for space.

My Book Duo by Western Digital

The bug, which offers two internal storage disks and supports RAID-0 (factory pre-configured) or RAID-1 technologies, has sequential read speeds of up to 360MB / s, depending on the interface used for connection. In addition, it has an automatic operations management feature to ensure data integrity, various backup software and 256-bit encryption with password protection hardware.

It's good to note that My Book Duo is fully compatible with Macs and Time Machine, but must be reformatted before being used with a Ma machine, as it comes standardly formatted on the NTFS system (incompatible with macOS).

In the hardware field, it offers one USB-C and two USB-A outputs, both version 3.1 ie d to use the device with basically any machine manufactured from 20 years to c. The two common size USB ports are also for connecting other devices; You can, for example, plug your smartphone into one of them to charge it (and sync it to your computer if you for some reason still do).

The My Book Duo is now available on the Western Digital online store. The 20TB crunchy model costs $ 800, but there are other more "modest" versions of 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16 terabytes, starting at $ 260 (~ $ 820). Not bad at all?

via iClarified