Western Digital's G-DRIVE wins USB-C version with up to 10TB capacity

A few days ago, Western Digital launched its first portable external SSD, ready for the USB-C world. Today she is taking another step in this direction, this time with her brand G-Technology.

The company announced the G-DRIVE USB-CStylish external hard drive with high capacity and promise of great reliability.


As the name j indicates, the new drives use the USB-C interface (aka USB 3.1), ie ideal for recent MacBook (Pro) owners but also includes a standard USB-A cable. Inside we have 5,400RPM HDDs, with transfer rates of at 195MB / s.


Plugged in, the G-DRIVE USB-C provides at 45W power through its USB-C port. That's plenty of power for a 12-inch (29W) MacBook, but it's a little lower than what the 13-inch (60W) MacBook Pro needs, and a far cry from the 15-inch (85W).

The line will be marketed abroad in three versions: 4TB ($ 200), 8TB ($ 350) or up 10TB ($ 500). All come with a three-year limited warranty.

(via MacRumors)