Finally the day has come to turn the internet behind Black Friday's best prices and offers! Let's open MANY TABS And look everywhere for what last Friday of November has to offer, as well as give our opinions on prices and products, commenting even more on the ones we have tested here!


A lot of people wait for Black Friday to shop, but be careful not to be fooled

And have it all! Notebook, smartphone, drone, video card, wearables, gamer chair, Smart TV, VR glasses, pressure cooker, or even the shelf … let's help what we can, giving our opinion on the settings and even the colors if necessary!

The first live broadcast took place yesterday at 7 pm, Thursday 11/28, It's time for many of the major retailers to start their offers (this is no longer burned off, as there are already several!) and start today at 1:00 pm! That's right. many hours along with the people from Connected World and Adrenaline on Black Friday searches!

While the live doesn't start, take a look at the articles we release during the week and prepare the wish list!

BLACK FRIDAY: Suggested peripherals to keep an eye on BLACK FRIDAY: Suggested games and accessories for players to keep an eye on See the best DRONES to buy on Black Friday (+ UPDATE) Smartphones to keep an eye on Black Friday

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