[Weekend Premiado] Compete for Shootoon Football game codes (updated)

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THE Shootoon Football is a different game, which uses the interactivity of the iPhone’s internal compass (on 3GS models), the accelerometer and GPS coordinates. Your goal is to throw a virtual ball to any other country, competing to see who throws the most in others. Brazil, of course, is ahead.

You have several types of balls (leather, crystal, gold, among others), each capable of being thrown at a different distance. To launch it in South Africa, for example, you have to point your device in the real direction from where you are. If you have an iPod touch or a device other than 3GS, the program simulates a direction according to the movement of the device.

THE Shootoon Football is available on the App Store (link) for the price of $ 0.99. You can test the lite (and free) version, which brings only 4 balls.

If you want to try to be one of the 3 readers to win a complete copy, just make a comment here, saying which are Brazil’s 3 opponents in the Cup in the first phase of the competition. You cannot comment more than once.

Good luck. ?


And after several participations, we already have the result of the draw. They got the code:

Guilherme Gasparini

Julio Azevedo

Heraldo Moreira

Congratulations to the winners. Soon they will be receiving an email with all instructions. ?