Websites are not the only thing that can be done in CSS and Ben Evans' “paintings” are proof

13The code that is the basis of several websites is the same that Ben Evans uses to create real digital works of art. Through CSS, the language that determines the color, type and size of the font and the opacity of the elements on a page, the British web designer is able to produce elaborate paintings.

Landscape made by Ben Evans in CSS

On his page on the Codepen platform, the artist presents all the works he creates, from the calming twilight landscapes in a bay in Southwold to a smiling child, passing through a typically British telephone booth or a simple glass of water.

But not everything: Ben Evans' portfolio also has some interactive pieces. Among them, the user can find, for example, a card capable of spinning and even a spider web with a surprise.

In addition, programming enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the CSS language may even put their artistic skills to the test. To change the color of the water or the sun you only need to change a few lines of code. Imagination is the limit and, who knows, maybe it will become the next digital Picasso or Van Gogh?

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