Website shows the cheapest country to buy each Apple product; Brazil is on the edge

Website shows the cheapest country to buy each Apple product; Brazil is on the edge

Buy Apple products on Brazil something for those who have a lot of money left over or like to borrow up to their underwear. For most buyers of Ma items, the best option is to wait for that international trip (either yours or a close person) and bring the device from abroad even paying the import fee that doesn't even apply to some products like iPhones and Apple Watches , for example, the final value is usually (well) lower than the one charged here, in reais.

The question remains: what is the best country, considering only price and currency conversion, to buy each Apple product? If you want to decide your next trip based only on the most advantageous price on your future Mac, iPhone or iPad, the website The Mac Index be the greatest possible ally.

The Mac Index, site that compares prices of Apple products in all countries

The sad note, of course, see the Brazil last in all products listed on the website so much that tip number one is shared The Next Web by the creator of the site, Wafiq Rodzuan, was ‚Äúdo not buy Apple products in Brazil‚ÄĚ.

The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe website is very simple: show the real price, already converted to your currency, for each Apple product in each country where it is officially marketed and when I say ‚Äúeach‚ÄĚ product, it is really the complete Apple catalog, from the Mac Pro and the iPhone XS at the book ‚ÄúDesigned by Apple in California‚ÄĚ and the set of extra tips for the Apple Pencil.

The "ranking" of each product assembled according to the country where it is sold at the lowest price. For those who want to buy the iPhone XS Max 512GB, for example, the best requested o Japan, where the device costs R $ 5,653; the podium completed by UK (R $ 5,747) and by Australia (R $ 5,778).

The coolest thing that the website creators have already included in the price calculation is the tax rebate offered by several countries, most countries in the European Union, for example, have a policy of Tax Free very interesting, with returns that can reach 27% of the value of the product, and the website displays both the "total" prices of the devices and the values ‚Äč‚Äčalready with the deduction.

We tried to do a quick experiment and find some product in which our beloved republic was not on the bottom of the list, but we gave up after the 15th attempt. If anyone finds any example of this to encourage us, please let us know in the comments.

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