Website evaluates MacBook Pro fan temperature and noise with Retina display

We have already checked out a series of analyzes on the MacBook Pro with Retina display (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7), but this is certainly new: a thermal and auditory evaluation of the new machine.

In partnership with a Japan website (the IT Media), the French MacGeneration used (Google Translate) a professional infrared camera and special microphones to measure the overall temperature of the laptop and the level of noise emitted by its fan when performing different tasks.

At the lowest point, with the machine on standby, the temperature did not exceed 30.3C (with its housing as cold as when it is turned off) and the noise level was below 30dB, that is, it was not even possible to hear the fans running.

Thermal evaluation of the new MacBook Pro

Some intermediate tests were carried out, but at the other extreme, with the machine taken to its limit, the temperature reached 48.2C and the noise reached 46dB. It is possible to feel the heat and it is uncomfortable to use the notebook on your lap at this stage, but the noise does not bother you in spite of being noticeable.

Thermal evaluation of the new MacBook Pro

Unless the user is always running a Final Cut Pro, AutoCAD and Life Cinebench simultaneously, the conclusion is that the machine works very well in normal situations.

(via MacTrast)