WebKit, the Safari and Chrome engine, is the first to pass the Acid3 test completely

Maciej Stachowiak, a member of the WebKit development team, announced that the engine behind Safari and Google Chrome browsers is the first to successfully pass the Acid3 test, including the condition test for smooth animation rendering.

“Acid3 is the name given to a W3C web standards test suite with browsers, with 100 different types of tests, being the successor to the Acid2 test. This test has a very high level of requirements for browsers compared to its predecessor – Acid2. Its scale goes from 1 to 100 ”describes the Wikipedia.

In the last month of March, Opera had been the first browser to reach the 100/100 mark in the test. However, on the same day, the Webkit team also announced that it had reached the 100 scale. In addition to the score, the test also requires the browser to render a page with pixel with perfect accuracy in conjunction with another smooth animation test, using it for this. only your default settings.

Via: AppleInsider