Webcheck.pt helps to check websites for safer internet access

Webcheck.pt helps to check websites for safer internet access

Never too much care at a time when malicious campaigns are trying to take advantage of the concern surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19. This platform helps to be sure.

From Webchek.pt it is possible to insert an internet or email address and check, at the moment, if that website or email is reliable.

At the base, the tool assesses whether this website or that email complies with good practices and with the defined standards, designed to contribute to a more secure and reliable Internet browsing and sending of electronic mail.

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Created in a joint initiative by the National Cybersecurity Center (CNCS) and the DNS.PT Association (.PT), what webchek.pt does verify the (correct) implementation of standards, good practices and configurations that most contribute to guarantee security , integrity and confidentiality in communications over the internet. In this phase, it focuses, essentially, on the security conditions presented by the domains of internet and electronic mail.

The responsible promoters also emphasize, to companies that use the platform, that the evaluations and recommendations presented are only informative and indicative of the best practices to be adopted for a safer use and presence in cyberspace.

Webcheck.pt uses validation mechanisms based on open-source code to confirm compliance with the standards and good practices stated. In view of the multiplicity of existing domains, the heterogeneity of the systems that support them, as well as the existence of possible protection mechanisms that influence the validations carried out, the results obtained in the tests may not correspond to the effective state of implementation of a given requirement, it is warned.