WeatherTunes iPhone app has an intriguing proposal to suggest music according to the weather

Recently, one of the main focuses of the great services of streaming has been the relentless pursuit of the ability to suggest new music to its users.

So far, Spotify is swimming in this race with its fantastic “Discoveries of the Week”, but neither he nor Apple Music and the beautiful company has anything like what the weatherTunes.


The newly launched iPhone application comes with the intriguing proposal of generating musical suggestions based on the weather conditions, cloudiness, humidity, temperature and even time of day of the user at the moment.

To do this, just open the app, select a genre from the 12 available and wait for the first suggestion.

The background simulates the weather conditions around you and, as the system pulls the music from YouTube, just slide your finger up and the current song's video is displayed.

In my tests, the application worked perfectly well, with a very simple and pleasant interface.

I will, however, owe the logic of the system behind the musical choices according to the climate, not least because here in Salvador it's hot all the time and there's not much to vary it.

😜 Anyway: personally, I was under the impression that this parameter is a little random, but your experience may vary.

I am also concerned about the fact that the app takes YouTube music for two reasons: in addition to being a source whose vast majority of the music is illegally available (and in low quality, by the way), the data expenditure of such an app be much larger than that of an application streaming It is common after all, the video is running (and consuming internet) all the time, and is only hidden when the user does not want to see it.

Anyway, weatherTunes gave me some cool music suggestions and, therefore, it is worth the recommendation with reservations.

If you have $ 1 left over, it’s worth checking it out on the App Store.

WeatherTunes Music app icon

(via MacStories)