Wearables: How to record swimming workouts with the Gear Fit 2 Pro

Wearables: How to record swimming workouts with the Gear Fit 2 Pro

Learn how to monitor your workout underwater with the Gear Fit 2 Pro smart wristband.

The famous smartbands, or also known as smart bracelets, have become important allies in the control and management of physical activities and health care. It is common for its users to use this type of gadget to monitor various exercises. For that, we have theGear Fit 2 Pro, gives Samsung, with 5 ATM certification and the possibility to record workouts mainly under water, but we will teach everything calmly.

Many smartbands are certified IP68, but it only ensures that the user can practice activities in the rain, and at most can take a small, quick dip in a pool. But the Gear Fit 2 Pro, gives Samsung, provides more than that. Your certification 5 ATMit guarantees that it can be used in common and diverse water activities, as long as the limit of 50 meters of depth is respected. This is enough to make it safe to practice good old swimming without worries.

Through its after-sales program, Samsung Care, the company aims to ensure that its users know how to take advantage of all the features of their devices. Through educational tutorials and responses, the platform guarantees all possible assistance to its customers. With the Gear Fit 2 ProIt is important that users know how to monitor their swimming training completely.

Recording workouts with the Gear Fit 2 Pro

The step-by-step is simple and intuitive, and it is advisable that you only follow the instructions when you are ready to dive.

1 The first step is to slide the screen Gear Fit 2 Pro sideways until you reach the physical activity monitoring screen.

Gear Fit 2 Pro

2 When selecting this screen, it will present the options for configuring the activity. The first option is the type of activity, in Activity Type (type of activity, in free translation). So, select the option.

3 Slide the screen down until you reach the option Swimming (swim) and select it. At that moment, a warning will appear stating that the standard distance for the 25m pools, but that this can be changed. Click on OK.

4 To change, simply select the option Pool Length and choose how far from the pool you will be swimming.

5 Now just select Start.

6 A Gear Fit 2 Pro ask to activate mode Water Lock. This mode disables the touch screen and gestures to prevent the user from accidentally selecting something on the screen during training. Select the check to confirm.

The smart bracelet will start a countdown and, at the end of it, you will be able to jump in the water and start your workout. The information will be monitored and you will be able to access it at the end of the training.

First I need to disable the mode Water Lock, pressing the lower side button for a few seconds. Then select Finish to literally end monitoring. In the information, it is possible to see the training time, the distance covered, the calories burned, the heart rate, among others.

Practical training monitoring

With this step by step we present, you will have a simple and practical way to monitor your workouts, even under water. THE Gear Fit 2 Proit can help a lot and some features of it, like blocking the controls when you are in the water, can make life during training much easier, even helping with concentration.

But what about you readers? Did you like our guide? Intend to use theGear Fit 2 Profor training? Comment below!