We want your opinion: what is the best Android game of 2015?

We want your opinion: what is the best Android game of 2015?

Smartphone games are a must-download whenever you buy a new device. In addition, the thousands of titles available on the Play Store serve as a reference for various handsets; Therefore, the more advanced the game, the better the smartphone that can run it. Arcade, role-playing, racing, action, no matter what your favorite sport, this year developers gave us their best creations. So be sure to choose the best among the best games of the year.

Increasingly improved GPUs and APIs allow us to enjoy more advanced, realistic and immersive graphics. Android games have evolved along with the platform, and this year they have become more compact and powerful. As an example we can mention Asphalt Nitro, with graphics worthy of the most modern consoles, but smaller than 25 MB.

If you only have one game installed on your device or you have a folder with the top 5 in your opinion, this poll is for you! Vote for the title you most enjoyed playing in 2015, and if it is not listed in our poll, let us know which one you like through the comments below- we will count all the votes!

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