We want to know: What Google service or app you don't live without?

Is it possible to live without Google apps and services? Yes, just a little more complicated. It seems that everything is somehow connected with things from Google. Basically, the internet is hostile to the search giant's tools.

I confess that I never gave Bing priority when researching the internet. The same happens when I register my email on social networks or other services, Gmail, in this case, remains the easiest and most viable option. Even my cell phone storage is compromised with a few dozen Google apps.

Each user has a Google service, platform or application that is indispensable to their daily lives. There are even people who miss Big G tools, social networks, and products that didn't even work well and ceased to exist at some point.

Myself, for example, I spend a day without watching YouTube on my Smart TV, because I don't have any pay-TV or open channels. At work, Google Drive, Photos, Gmail, and Docs are the core tools of my activities. I confess, I can not be without.

Today, however, we want to know about you: which Google service or app you don't live without? Vote for the poll below or leave a comment too, if your favorite isn't there.

Let's go :]