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We tested the Microsoft app that mirrors Android content; see what we think

Many users are already receiving the October 10 Windows update, which brings major improvements and new features to the system. Among them are, for example, the dark theme for the file explorer, connected Bluetooth devices now show the battery percentage and several other improvements whose full list you can check here.

Another big news is the app "Your Phone", which was previously available only to developers and that this update reaches everyone. The app aims to mirror your smartphone on Windows 10, making it possible to view and transfer photos via wireless connection.

In addition, it is also possible to send and receive SMS directly from the app. We tested the app and the experience was very satisfactory, where everything works simply and without complications, without connection loss or any other kind of bug.

The app works simply, and you only need to go to the official Microsoft store within Windows 10 to download it, free. Once that is done, open "Your Phone", sign in with your Hotmail or Outlook account and follow the instructions that appear.

Then just wait for an SMS with the app link for you to download and install on your smartphone. Once you're done installing, open the app and grant permissions on your Android for pairing to be done and done. For convenience, follow the app links below on both Windows 10 and Android.

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Your Phone app / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
<p style=Get the Windows 10 app here

Download the Android app here

The idea of ​​the program is very good, however, it is still only possible to view photos and send SMS, without the experience of mirroring itself, or access to apps. Microsoft intends to insert new options and functions over time.

Remembering that the application only works on the latest update of Windows 10 and Android from 7.0 Nougat. So if you have these requirements, take a test and tell us what you think.

And you think it is a good initiative to integrate Windows with Android?

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