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We tested Minis, Google custom emoji (learn how to enable yours)

Running sideways, manufacturers and tech companies are fighting to bring the best emoji technology to users. Since Apple's release of the Animojis, companies like Samsung and Asus have gone out with their Memojis and Zennymojis to amuse the crowd. Now, it's Google's turn.

Yesterday the company announced Minis, its own version of its custom emoji. I have already activated mine here as I was very curious to see what they would be like, and I teach you how to activate on your smartphone.

  • Open any keyboard-based app and activate the keyboard;
  • Touch the G symbol at the top;
  • Touch the sticker cone with a smile;
  • The cone for the Mini should appear next to other stickers. If not, follow the tutorial below;
google minis 02
Not a very easy way / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
  • The smartphone, after a short introduction of the Minis, prompts you to position your face in the square and snap a photo. Do this in a place with good light;
  • The system spends some time identifying the features of your face, and will suggest two types of stickers. If you think it's good, tap Done at the top;
  • If you want to improve, tap Customize below the style you like best;
google minis 03
Google turned me into a boy / AndroidPIT (screenshot)
  • Make the necessary adjustments to hair, face shape, skin and eye color, t-shirt, accessories and others;
  • When done, click Save at the top;
  • The app shows the results and the available stickers. You can customize the other style as well if you prefer;
  • To use, simply enter the same place when using an app.
google minis 04
Now s ride your way / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

What did I think about Google Minis?

For starters, they are not excited, and are more like stickers. They only differ from the other animated emojis of all other companies. Whether it's good or bad, it's up to you.

It is interesting to present two styles, but I personally did not like one of them, I found it very ugly. The other one I'm using, Minis sweeties, found it cute and cool. But the only uglier version, the brave Minis, brings more customization details.

google minis 05
Two Verses of Minis / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

I didn't scan my face in the brightest spot in the house, but you could see the details of my face, and yet it went a little far from the final version, showing that this beginning is only a basis for you.

For a change, many people-specific details are missing. I have a pint and I think it's not so hard to include that. Having two styles, from different illustrators, makes me believe that other variants may emerge, and this is a nice differentiator from the animated emojis of the manufacturers.

In the end, I thought my version was cute and similar, but I haven't found one of these systems that even surpasses the Nintendo Wii Miis for customization and detail.

Didn't show up for you? See how to get the Minis

Not everyone already has official access to Google Minis, so we'll show you two ways to get this new on your Android.

1. Be Beta

One of the ways to gain access to Minis, officially provided by Google, is to join the GBoard app Beta program. The version that features Minis at 7.5, and many smartphones are still at 7.4.

Therefore, you can follow our tutorial in the post below to get into this app's Beta program. Remembering that Beta versions can bring other instabilities, so proceed with caution.

google minis 01
You need to have version 7.5 on smartphone / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

Once in Beta, the upgrade to GBoard will appear. Update the app and follow the steps of the Minis activation tutorial above.

2. Download APK

For those who do not want to join the Beta program, you can download the image of this app from specialized and secure websites such as APK Mirror. They check apps for malware, and if clean are published.

Download here on Mirror APK

google minis 06
APK Mirror / AndroidPIT (screenshot)

But there is a need to install the APK directly from these sites. In addition to having to know how to install an APK without using the Google Play Store, you have to find the right version for your smartphone. For this, I suggest some posts from us that help in these two tasks.

The latter, although not much to do with GBoard, provides a tutorial that teaches you how to find the right version for your device. Highly recommended.

Have you tested the Minis yet? What did you think of the news?

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