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We print Drogon in honor of the last episode of Game of Thrones

But since 3D printing is so much more than just having the object, here's the walkthrough of what I did.

    1. I downloaded Drogon on Thingiverse
    2. I calibrated the printer by adjusting the distance from the pin to the base. This is a step that I find difficult and fundamental, since a few millimeters bring a lot of difference in print quality and can cause it to spoil after hours.
    3. I equipped the printer with red PLA material. I even thought about printing in black, but decided on red because I can paint the details I deem necessary later in black. (if I come to paint)
    4. In the settings of the file, already in the print, I put infill 25%, I figured that would be enough. The recommendations were 30%, but I didn't see anything to justify that, and as 5% less able to reduce the time by about 7 hours, it was worth it.
    5. I set the platform to warm up to 55C, usually 50C already good for PLA, but I like to lift it a little to make sure the piece is firmly fixed and doesn't risk peeling off at some point in printing. Many people with other printers, such as Creality CR-10, use sticky glue, but Inventor already comes with more grip and raising the platform temperature is already good.
    6. Decreased print speed for more accuracy.
    7. I studied the possibility of printing with media, until I started, but saw that it would go very wrong, so I stopped.
    8. Other than that, here are all the settings used by me:

Heigh Fill Speed Temperature
Layer Height: 0.08 Fill Density: 25% Print Speed: 40mm / s Right Extruder: 205
First Layer Height: 0.20 Fill Pattern: Hexagon Travel Speed: 70mm / s Platform: 55C

Finally, I checked the printout and waited for the estimated 58 hours, but only managed to remove the piece after 63 hours and 47 minutes. I really enjoyed the result, the incredibly detailed 3D object and the printer could reproduce it without any problems. Inside the egg, passing the hand, you can feel the finger slide, so smooth that it was because of the height of the layers.

Another highlight is the dragon's chest, which has a certain porosity and gives to see each scale of his chest. And for her to get even better, a painting job had to be done, a possibility I'm still studying. In this way he is already interesting, and already gives a differentiated item of a series that is very short.

In the first article we made here, we commented on the help of Rodrigo Botelho, who has a YouTube channel and does a sensational painting job. I will pick up some tips for painting with him if necessary, but until then, I am quite pleased with the result. It was the longest printing, with the largest number of polygons and required precise settings.

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If you like 3D printing, share your experience in the comments and make sure to follow us, we are always printing something and from time to time we share it here on the website and on the YouTube channel. The video below tells our first impressions of two-way, experiment and 3D objects.

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