We pretend surprise: Apple continues to dominate Silicon Valley profits

Okay, sales are slowing / shrinking. It's okay that the market is at a bad time. Still, there is nothing for anyone: in Silicon Valley, Ma reigns absolute when it comes to finance.

In a ranking referring to 2015 carried out by SiliconValley taking into account a number of factors such as profit, revenue and cash, Apple swam with an arm and took first place easy, easy. Just to get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the thing, the total profit of Vale's technology companies was $ 133 billion last year; Apple, on the other hand, registered a profit of US $ 53.7 billion, that is, 40%. Da. Thing. All.

The Cupertinians they were also the ones who brought the most revenue to the lands of California. It was US $ 234 billion, compared to the comparatively, of course, a modest US $ 74 billion from Alphabet (new owner of Google) that came in second place.

Other numbers also put Ma at an advantage: its profit margin is the largest in the segment, with 23% (against 21% for Alphabet and Intel); while the more than $ 200 billion in cash at Apple is terrifying close to the next place, Alphabet itself with $ 78 billion. Of course, having a lot of money also means, in most cases, owing a lot of money, which explains why Apple is the company with the most debts in Silicon Valley: Tim Cook and his gang owe approximately $ 64.4 billion a year. And they don't have a dirty name.

With the results of the second fiscal quarter of 2016, Apple is very unlikely to lose its position of broad financial leadership in Silicon Valley. But good to keep an eye.

(via 9to5Mac)