We interviewed the creators of Lightworks, the Hollywood video editor for Linux

Linux is also present in many Hollywood movies and can be used as a tool for mass and professional editing, especially software called Lightworks.

We from Diolinux interviewed Matt Sandford of Edit Share to learn more about how they view the Linux market for film editing and production.

Matt Sandford interviews Diolinux - Lightworks

We interviewed EditShare

EditShare is the company behind Lightworks, a professional video editor that has been available for Linux a few years ago, talking to Matt Sandford and we asked some questions about the software and also about the relevance of the Linux platform to them.

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Diolinux: What is EditShare's specific line of business?

Matt: Editshare is a company that enables media professionals to collaborate on a wide range of projects for free, since Lightworks has a free version, designed to integrate with other of our products to enable fast and accurate execution.

In short, we are a software company, but we not only do this as we care about all the experience that a professional editor may have using our program, ie not just "software", but all the means available for editing, keyboards.

specials, stand, plugins, etc.

Diolinux: How many Lightworks users do you estimate to have around the world?

Matt: Lightworks is close to 2.5 million registered users, with about 3,000 free version activations each day.

Diolinux: Success Stories, what successful projects were made using Lightworks?

Matt: The latest blockbuster case that we can cite and that was completely edited with Lightworks is the blockbuster "The Wolf of Wall Street" (known here in Brazil as "The Wolf of Wall Street", starring Leonardo Di Caprio), run by Martin Scorsese is edited by Thelma Schoonmaker, both are working with us to improve the effects of Lightoworks post production in the near future.

Diolinux: What motivated EditShare to create a Linux version of the software?

Matt: Historically Lightworks was always intended for the Windows platform, when EditShare bought Lightworks in 2009 and immediately started working to make it available on any system, since professional studios do not normally use Windows, but Mac OSX and Linux for production. , was a maneuver to market the Software in professional locations.

In 2010 the first free Windows beta was announced under the command of EditShare and in the same release we were flooded with requests to build versions of the software for Linux and Mac OSX.

There was not yet another professional NLE editor available for Linux and we decided to be the first to make it happen, today we can say that Lightworks is the first professional NLE available on all three major platforms.

Diolinux: How is Linux seen by you in the professional video editing business?

Matt: Most of the professional producers use Linux in this sector and at various stages of production and post-product, especially special effects, but in the edition itself was not so common, something that Lightworks now allows to do perfectly, adding Linux.

It's another industry in the production of a professional movie or in your workflow.

Diolinux: What are the minimum hardware requirements for editing using Lightworks?

Matt: Although running on lower hardware, for efficient workflow and performance you need:

– Intel Core i7 or faster or equivalent AMD;

– 3GB of RAM or more;

– Two high resolution monitors, full HD or larger;

– Nvidia or AMD video cards with 1 GB of memory or more;

It is recommended to have several disks with large capacities to store the raw data;

– Compatible sound card;

– 200 MB space for Lightworks installation;

– (Optional) Lightowrks Console;

– (Optional) Lightworks Keyboard.

Diolinux: How many Linux users are using Lightworks today?

Matt: 7% of our PRO users currently use Linux, but there is a wider range when considering free activations.

Diolinux: Leave a final message for the Brazilian public.

Matt: We are very happy with the Brazilian and Portuguese Lightoworks fans, especially enjoying Lightworks on Linux.

This makes us feel that we are on the right track, especially with the Linux community.

Matt further commented that they intend to turn Lightworks into open source software in the future, something he still does not.

Now you know a little more about this great tool and option for editing your videos professionally or not.

See you next time!

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