We Heart It or the return to a social network where images reign

We Heart It or the return to a social network where images reign

He has been around for a few years and can be included in the group of social networks where Pinterest is referenced. At the center of it all are photos and videos, but there are also several articles to discover.

From the Discover page, the last section of articles is renamed and the most popular images are highlighted, at the moment, the previous day and the last week, months or year. It is also possible to choose a date to see which images added the most hearts at that time.

It also has a table that points to the channels of the week, where different articles on the topic are gathered, as well as – of course – the photos and videos – already shared by users.

The same channels deserve a whole category in themselves, divided by a variety of themes covering from the 90s to vintage, including photography, music, tattoos, LGTBQ, illustration or indie.

You can also discover and share images from TV series, films and, of course, artists and other celebrities. In addition to looking at the different sections, the search box will always be a possibility to "shorten the path" and find the content that interests you most.

You can register with We Heart It with a Facebook, Twitter, Google and Apple account or use your email.

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