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"We can't share information that we don't have access to," says WhatsApp team

After Judge Daniela Barbosa called for the suspension of WhatsApp throughout Brazil, the President of the Supreme Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski, overturned the decision of the Court of Justice of Rio de Janeiro. In contact with AndroidPIT, WhatsApp's spokesperson says the service "can't share information that they don't have access to."

Unlike previous times, in addition to requesting the suspension of WhatsApp services, the judge also asked Facebook to disable the encryption key, with messages being diverted in real time before encryption was implemented.

According to the magistrate, if Facebook had technology to encode (encrypt) the message exchange, it must also have the resources to break this protection and send the messages when requested.

However, in a provisional decision, Minister Lewandowski considered an action filed by the PPS (Popular Socialist Party), which appealed to the Supreme Court to immediately suspend the judicial order of the 2 Criminal Court of Duque de Caxias County, Rio de Janeiro. .

Even before the decision was made, the Facebook-based WhatsApp team reaffirmed what they have been saying for eight months: they can't share data they don't have:

"In recent months, people across Brazil have rejected legal blockades of services like WhatsApp. Indiscriminate steps like these threaten people's ability to communicate, run their businesses and live their lives. As we have said in the past, we cannot share information we don't have access to. We hope to see this lock suspended as soon as possible.

The founder and chief executive of the service, Jan Koum, also spoke earlier in his official Facebook profile: "It is shocking that less than two months after Brazilians rejected the application block the story is repeating itself," Koum published.

In the communication to AndroidPIT, the WhatsApp advisory also referred the position of Ronaldo Lemos, from the Institute of Technology and Society (ITS), which follows:

"A judge from Rio de Janeiro has just determined the blockade of Whatsapp throughout Brazil. The fourth time this has happened. This type of measure violates the Constitution, violates Article 13 of the American Convention on Human Rights, violates the Marco Civil and practice that was recently condemned by the UN Human Rights Council ITS Rio will file a request with the Federal Supreme Court for the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional a view of all such measures in Brazil. that are typical only of authoritarian countries such as Saudi Arabia or North Korea. "

According to the website G1, the Supreme Court will notify the Justice of Rio de Janeiro about the restoration of the service. Therefore, WhatsApp should be reactivated throughout the country in a matter of a few hours.

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