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“We are strengthening service to Huawei customers with differentiating initiatives”

The same support provided through the call center, in a model that Huawei has already tested with Mate 30, and which is available to help migrate content and applications to the new phones, which do not have Google Mobile Services. On the website there is also a community where customers' experiences and answers to questions are shared.

Build the way with the first devices with Huawei Mobile Services

Tiago Flores is confident about the acceptance of Portuguese consumers of Huawei's new smartphones, which, due to the US economic blockade, do not have the Google Mobile Services that everyone is used to counting on Android.

We always have the best expectations for a product that is very technologically advanced, but now we are going through a difficult phase for consumption, admits Tiago Flores who did not want to advance numbers.

The new smartphones will be available on all channels, operators and retail, in the first mass of branded equipment without the basic services of Google. Our main concern is to help customers find the product, with a strategy also focused on online [] We are building a path in the first equipment with HMS and confident that we will continue to give the user the best experience, he says.

Alternatively, the bet on Huawei P30 lite and PSmart Pro remains, which continue to be configured with Google Mobile Services and which are positioned in a range of offerings where Huawei is strong and has helped to leverage the company's figures.

Since last year Huawei has also reinforced the wearable ecosystem, with smartwatches, and audio, with headsets, and Tiago Flores ensures that these categories are growing far above the market, as well as MateBook laptops, which have now been re-reported. In the last two weeks, they were the top sellers of the main retailers, and we have an offer with Microsoft for Office 365 for a year, explains the person in charge of the consumer area, adding that this recognition will allow in May to reinforce the range with new processors and add value propositions in this ecosystem.

And the TVs? This is an area that Huawei launched in China and for which there is an expectation in Europe. There is a great desire to bring the offer as quickly as possible to the Portuguese market, desirably later this year, says Tiago Flores, who, however, cannot yet advance any date.