“We are running our own race”

Apple overturns rumors about acquisition of TIDAL: “We are running our own race”

For some time now, it has been speculated that Apple could be in the process of taking the scorpion out of its pocket and buying the streaming TIDAL, as a way to improve your own Apple Music and bring along with it a field of exclusive artists from the Jay-Z platform.

Well, now Ma herself tried to throw a lime powder at the rumors and we can decree them basically dead.


In statement to BuzzFeed News, the executive in charge of Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine, clarified the rumors stating that Apple is not looking to buy any competitor from the area of streaming because you already have all the weapons you need indoors.

We are running our own race. We are not looking for any other streaming to buy.

Short and thick, but the fact is that, as the master of the universe Kanye West thinks, it is possible that an acquisition of TIDAL by Apple would be beneficial to both parties. Ma would benefit from the close relationship with the hottest celebrities in the arts, while streaming would win the deep expertise of Apple in the area of ??technology and interface design which admittedly is lacking in TIDAL right now.


Jay-Z makes negative gesture

(via Patently Apple)