we already have the first concept of iOS 15, with a very minimalist home screen

Conceito do iOS 15 por Roland Mészáros

Tired of the torrent of concepts on iOS 14? So it might be a good idea to take a look at the designer’s latest creation Roland Mészáros: he went a little further and tried to put his vision on paper (or rather, on the screen) for a possible iOS 15.

Mészáros’ concept is centered on minimalism and focuses on home screen of the system: in the designer’s idea, the huge grid of icons would come out and a much more sparse interface would enter, with only the most open applications by the user. At the top, a clock and a small weather forecast icon (okay androidian, if you want my opinion).

IOS 15 concept by Roland Mészáros

IOS 15 concept by Roland Mészáros

Other elements of the interface also received touch-ups: the Crab would be contained in a small window at the top of the screen, in the same way as the new notification of calls – an old request from users that, if heaven wants, will be answered on iOS 14. Even the icons with the signal and battery levels change in the concept of Mészáros, adopting a circular look.

In general, a very simple concept (like the ideas adopted here), but with a very pleasant look. The question that remains is: does it represent an improvement over what we have today? Leave your opinions below!

via Cult of Mac