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Waze voice artist sues Apple for using it on Siri

Did you think Apple would close the year without another case? If so, better reconsider. This time, who decided to take the company to court was the radio host and vocal artist Galit Gura-Eini, who filed a lawsuit against the Cupertino giant for using his voice in Hebrew version of Siri without your permission.

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Image: Dana Kopel

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According to the report released by CTech, the Israeli broadcaster claimed to have a specific problem with the kind of content her voice "persuaded to say as Apple's digital voice assistant." Gura-Eini, who is also responsible for providing the local voice for the Waze, asked for $ 66,000 in the case against Apple filed this week in a district court in Tel Aviv.

As with many of Siri's voices in different regions of the world, the vocal artist's voice was recorded generically even before Ma introduced her own virtual assistant in 2010. In the case of Gura-Eini, her voice was recorded in 2007 by a Nuance Communications subsidiary specializing in artificial intelligence and speech recognition.

The broadcaster, however, allowed Nuance only to use the recordings for "legitimate needs"; After all, we are talking about 2007, when the idea of ​​digital assistant was very small. She said she only learned that Apple used her voice for Siri's Hebrew version when it was released in Siri in 2016.

In the process, Gura-Eini suggested that her voice “broadly identified and associated” with her own personality and, given the dissatisfaction with the content people ask Siri to reproduce, this amounts to “turning her into a vehicle for inappropriate speech and humiliating". She also admitted that she contacted Apple earlier this year, asking for the removal of her voice from Siri, but Ma denied it.

Apple, meanwhile, said it did nothing wrong. Ma's lawyer stated that the recordings were obtained legally and that Gura-Eini "has no legal ownership of them." In addition, the company pointed out that her voice at Siri was no more than slaves joined by an algorithm.

via Cult of Mac