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Waze should not be updated to CarPlay next week [atualizado: Google Maps]

Yesterday morning, we reported that Apple has released shipping apps for its latest operating systems. Among them are, of course, the iOS 12 and its extended app support on Carplay including navigation systems.

As we put in that post, from now on depends on Google updating both the Maps how much Waze with CarPlay support. If they had been geis in this, we could see a Waze update coming up with CarPlay's App Store next Monday (9/17); but unfortunately that * does * not happen.

O 9to5Mac recently reported that Google s has now opened Waze's private beta for CarPlay, which means it should still take at least a few weeks for it to be ready. And Waze's responses to Twitter users corroborate this:

Shawn somerville: Very disappointed at how @waze has been handling this whole issue of iOS 12 and CarPlay. Can you support iOS 12 or should I go back to Apple Maps or Google Maps?

Waze: More information will be available in the coming weeks! Thank you for your patience.

Developers have been able to work on updates for news like this since the first beta of iOS 12, released during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 in June. Since Waze already works on Android Auto, it's natural to imagine that much of the work to get it to CarPlay was already done.

So sad to see that Google has not prepared properly for the wave of app updates coming out next Monday. It is our hope that, even with the release of iOS 12, this Waze update will take so long to land. And one from Google Maps too, please.

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Update 09/14/2018 s 17:20

To those who asked, fortunately the Google Maps comes right behind Waze too. It went into beta today with support for CarPlay and, for some screenshots released, the thing is already pretty round.

"Google "Google

For now, there is no announced date for the release of these Waze and Google Maps updates with CarPlay support.

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via 9to5Mac