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Waze now shows alternative routes to divert from rodizio in So Paulo

If you live in the capital of São Paulo and not yet used Waze you may have found a good purpose for the application: now it shows alternative routes to divert from the rodizio in So Paulo. According to the application developers, the cool tool has been available since Monday.

Using the new feature, you can ask to be advised which city streets cannot receive car traffic on a rotating day and thus avoid fines for non-compliance. Most interestingly, by using the new tool you will not be breaking any laws, as your car will not pass the restriction zones. By choosing to avoid these areas, Waze will show you safe and legal alternatives.

Routes waze
Alternative routes are offered upon registration of your license plate. / Waze

To enable the feature, go to Menu> Settings> Navigation> Vehicle restriction and enter the last two license plate numbers.

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What other traffic services do you know do this?

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