Waze: Is this a good app? Is it worth having? Look here.

Waze: Is this a good app? Is it worth having? Look here.

Waze is an application designed to provide live traffic and geographic information, helping the user to reach the desired location in less time and updating the device with traffic and climate change data. Waze is a tool that is always looking to optimize user time on traffic with the best routes and can be installed on smartphones. In order to use it you must accept the privacy policy and terms of service.

As one of the most commonly used apps to inform you about traffic in general, it is important to know clearly what its functions are and what are the advantages and disadvantages of having this app on your mobile phone before downloading. Only after that it is possible to login and use the platform. Waze and Google maps are the two strongest apps in traffic. Learn more about GPS Waze and ask questions if it's worth using or on:


Waze has several functions to make life easier for the user and some of these functions are unknown to a good part of users. The biggest differentials are the traffic alerts that appear when you make your way to your destination, and the fact that you can create alerts for other drivers, depending on obstacles, hazards, speed cameras that appear on your route.

Waze is almost a real-time community with other highway drivers, besides calculating traffic, waze allows you to create alerts and communicate with millions of drivers like on social networks.

1 Calculate Your Exact Time to Leave Home

Entering a certain destination within the application, it automatically calculates the best Waze route for you to follow to avoid traffic and based on this data, it also warns you when the right time to leave home and not be late, so another aid when it's time to plan to leave. It helps with important appointments where you can't be late.

2 View Your Friends Path or Share Your

Let's say you're going to travel with a group of friends in three different cars and you're afraid someone will get lost. You can relax! With Waze you can share your location with the route you are taking to your friend and receive their route as well, so you can be sure they are following the same route. But for that everyone must have Waze GPS.

3 Helps Save Fuel

Inside the app there is a function called Prices, where Waze users can tell you how much fuel is in gas stations near you. Then you can query directly from the app and head to the station with the best value and save on fuel.

4 Chat with Friends Within the App

Besides being able to talk to your friends straight from the app, Waze also works as a social network. It's very easy, just enter the Options tab and you can chat with other users near you and you can even use emojis. It's a different and fun way to entertain people who may be stuck in traffic. You can communicate to know what is happening in real time with each other.

5 Shows Alternative Paths

Waze receives the signal from a satellite that in real time reports the traffic situation, accidents or possible roadblocks, so the app always calculates the best route to get you to your destination as quickly as possible. The variations are shown on the screen and it recalculates the route by itself when you decide to go an alternate path.

This information happens in a fast and dynamic way, so you always have alternative paths so you don't have to get stuck in traffic for any reason on a trip.

Advantages and disadvantages

Currently Waze has other applications that are competing, but it is still very strong in popular taste for having a number of advantages in its use as:

He intelligent

Waze's main function is to make things easier for the user. It learns paths you use daily and records so you don't have to enter that destination into the system every day.

In addition to owning a website where you can also have the information you need and that is shared by other users. In other words, Waze learns from you and adapts to your daily life.

He in the Broad

Unlike Google Maps, for example, which shows local commerce, ways to get to your destination using public transportation, or pictures of where you are going. Waze doesn't have this kind of information and it limits its use a bit.

Overall Rating

Being compatible with smartphones, Waze can't be downloaded on any device, but the good news is that it has a very easy and didactic navigation layout for the user in traffic and needs to get things done quickly.

Waze has become one of the most widely used traffic applications because it has high quality information delivery and always strives to keep up to date to continue pleasing customers and keeping up with competitors.

Although recently purchased by Google, Waze is still an app in most cars and even paid services like Taxi, due to the excellence of the service provided.

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