Watch's App Store goes live today; Apple has already released the first update to the watch [atualizado 2x: no ar!]

Watch's App Store goes live today; Apple has already released the first update to the watch [atualizado 2x: no ar!]

When installing iOS 8.2 on the iPhone, users “won” an icon of the Apple Watch on your devices. It is for him that we will control the Apple watch settings.

Apple Watch App Store

The app has three tabs: My Watch, Explore and App Store. So far, the store tab is just showing a message stating that apps will appear there soon. Because, according to the BuzzFeed, they should paint today. Apple, as always, highlights apps from several partners, but the truth is that the store is already infested with apps, with more than 2,000 3,000 available and counting

As the watch is already in the hands of many customers tomorrow, the store has more to go live today so that everyone can start mining their favorite apps.

Another novelty is already available the first update for the watch's operating system. Whoever receives the Watch tomorrow will be able to update it to a new build (12S506) of the version 8.2, which most likely brings several adjustments and general improvements.

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Update 04/23/2015 s 16:53

The Watch App Store is now live!

Apple Watch App Store

Basically what we have is a list of the apps we already know which have been optimized for Watch. Yes, there is currently no native Watch app, which developers can do for the time being to make apps for iPhones compatible with the watch (all run on the smartphone, but shown on the watch). In the future, Apple will allow developers to create native apps for the watch.

For now, we have a list of apps built by Apple far from being a complete store, offering highlights banners, search, sections, etc.

Apple Watch App Store

Apparently the store is still in the global. Everything indicates that only users from some countries (possibly those involved in the launch of the watch) are able to enter it. The curious thing is that, as we can see above, although we do not yet have the store activated for Brazilian accounts, the “Search” tab is present (something that is not in the American store, at least not here in my system).

IPhone App Store

There is also something new in the iPhone App Store. It is now also possible to view a badge showing that the app is compatible with Watch in addition to, of course, screenshots of it running on the clock. What changes, however, the order: while in the Watch App Store we first see the screenshots of the watch, in the iPhone App Store we first see the screenshots for the smartphone.

On a related note, Apple has also released the Apple Watch User Guide (user guide).

User Guide (Apple Watch)

The document is quite complete, but it is not yet available in our language.

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Update II, by Rafael Fischmann 04/23/2015 s 16:53

And it's already on the App Store, too, an update from TestFlight which includes support for apps developed with WatchKit in addition to bringing general improvements in stability and performance.

TestFlight app icon