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WatchOS 6 noise monitor is surprisingly accurate

Among the news presented for the watchOS 6 at WWDC19, one caught the attention of those who take care of hearing health: the app Noise (We are), which can “hear” ambient sound at the user's location and detect when the noise volume reaches levels that are detrimental to your audio, in the long run if it does, the app sends a notification to your wrist warning that exposure Prolonged noise can cause problems.

Only one question remained: how much do I need Apple Watch to measure the noise of the environment where the user is? Well, now we have the answer apparently, he really need.

The developer Blake helms decided to test the issue on its own by comparing the performance of a professional decibel meter with the records displayed by an Apple Watch running watchOS 6 beta. See the results:

For those curious if the # watchOS6 Rudo app is accurate, here's a comparison I made with a decibel meter this morning.

As you can see, Apple Watch has always stayed in the range of measuring equipment sometimes taking a few fractions of a second longer to record changes in sound volume, but always close to the numbers recorded by the decibel meter.

Helms said he was "shocked" by the accuracy of his watch, considering the tiny size of his microphones. The developer said he performed other tests after the video was recorded, and Watch always stayed within a range of 3 to 5 decibels within the records displayed by the decibel meter.

With this, watchOS 6 users can breathe easy knowing that the device is always on the lookout for when excessive noise can damage your hearing health. In addition to receiving notifications according to WHO recommendations, you can also add a complication of the Rudo app directly. on the Infographic display, so you can quickly see the ambient sound level wherever you are.

In addition, the app may also be your ally to trigger Silence Law if a particularly noisy neighbor is disturbing your sleep. Multifunctionality everything! 😛

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