WatchOS 6: check out all the news coming to the Apple Watch

WatchOS 6: check out all the news coming to the Apple Watch

New watchOS 6 will be more independent of the iPhone, having its own App Store and exclusive apps for the Apple Watch

In June, during WWDC 2019, the Apple announced to developers and users watchOS 6, the new version of the company's operating system for Apple Watch. The biggest news of the new OS for smartwatches that he becomes more independent than iPhone to perform most tasks, offering more own resources and improving the users experience.

Now the Apple Watch with watchOS 6 have one App Store itself, which increases the possibility for developers to create new Apps exclusively for smartwatches, without needing the iPhone. In addition, of course, new options for customization and resources developed to assist in the health and safety of users.

Contrary to what he did with iOS 13 and iPadOS, owners of Apple Watch I will not be able to experience the news of watchOS 6 until its official launch, which should take place between September and December – although there are great chances to be launched along with iOS 13 and the new iPhones. Check out all the news coming to the Apple Watch this year:

New Apple Watch Customizations

Draws attention to the amount of Apps and features that the new update watchOS will bring to users. But before we go into these questions, it is worth mentioning the design changes of the watch. Meet the new faces of Apple Watch and decide which one best suits your day:


For those looking for a more traditional watch design, the watchOS 6 includes a new face, called California. The new design includes color changes with the possibility to choose between white, soft white, black and blue.

California brings a more treacherous design to watchOS 6.California brings a more treacherous design to watchOS 6

Other customization options for the face California include switching between a full-screen and circular design. If you choose the full screen design, you only have two slots of complication to customize – in the circular option.


One of the new and more colorful face options for Apple Watch at the watchOS 6 the design Gradient. With it, you can choose almost any color you want, and the OS creates a unique gradient design. Customization options include the ability to adjust where the gradient lines can be inserted, as well as the option to choose between full or circular appearance. The circular option includes several slots around the edges.

With the Gradient face it is possible to customize gradient tones.With the Gradient face it is possible to customize gradient tones


The new system watchOS 6 it is also based on classic timepieces. The new design called Numerals brings a new concept with two types of sources: Mono Numerals and Duo Numerals. The first of these new faces simply shows the time in large numbers, with overlapping traditional clock hands.

Mono numerals and Duo numerals are two options for watchOS 6.Mono and Duo Numerals are two options for watchOS 6

With Mono Numerals, you can customize the numbering style between Western Arabic, Oriental Arabic, devanagari and the Roman. You can also choose from several different colors and have the color fill in the numbers or outline them.

Duo Numerals exactly the same as Mono Numerals, but the difference is in how the layout shows the hours and minutes. You can get the same style and color options.

Dial Solar

Taking into account the classic clock Solar, a Apple added a new option for the watchOS 6. This watch uses an animation in the design that shows the sun in the center, allowing you to track the exact location of the sun throughout the day.

Classic Solar watch is one of the new options of watchOS 6.Classic Solar watch is one of the new watchOS 6 options

There are five different complication options to customize, although the center only allows you to choose between a digital or analog watch design.

Compact Modular

O Modular Compact was also added. Customization options include different colors for outlines, switching between an analog and digital watch design and three others slots of complication.

Apple revamps Modular Compact faces on watchOS 6.Apple revamps Modular Compact faces on watchOS 6

Redesigned apps on watchOS 6

Among the applications that have been redesigned is the Reminder . It is now possible to share a reminder for all platforms and devices in the Apple, in addition to the new Design that became more modern and much more beautiful.

Play app has also undergone design changesApps have been redesigned to look more like the iPhone and iPad

Another noticeable change in design was in the app reproduce, which is now closer to the layout of the iPhone and iPad.

Features to keep you fit

Following the project to keep the body in good shape, it is possible to record much more information with the new operating system of Apple, such as walking rhythm, ascended steps and oxygen volume.

WatchOS 6 metrics, assist in health. WatchOS 6 metrics, assist in health

The new feature Trends shows the evolution or retreat of these metrics over time. So, you know if you keep the current pace or if you need to change your habits to lead a less sedentary life.

These daily records made by the watch are stored in the app Activity of iPhone. O Trends compares the averages of the last 90 days with its performance over the year. If he is regressing, you receive personalized training suggestions to get on the line again.

Focus on pregnant women

Another great idea developed by Apple to watchOS 6 an application developed exclusively for women. Denominated Cycle Tracking, the App provides a broader view of women's health. Basically, it tracks the menstrual cycle and reports data on irregular periods to provide more medical information.

Cycle Tracking provides a view of a woman's health.Cycle Tracking, provides a view of women's health

Women can still add flow data and report symptoms such as headaches, headaches and duration and cycle variations. Everything is gathered in a simple graphic within the new app.

Using the information collected, the Cycle Tracking App on the Apple Watch it still warns you of your next period or when the fertile period will begin. Women can even track the results of ovulation prediction and baseline body temperature readings.

Ear protection

The new app that catches the eye Rudo, which uses the Apple Watch to measure the volume of sound in the environment that is reaching our ears. The App brings a series of information about how harmful the sound volume can be to audio.

watchOS 6The app brings a series of information about how harmful the sound volume can be

Upon detecting that the decibel level has reached the point that can affect your audio, it gives a touch to the wrist as an alert in three colors: the green color informs that the decibels are in agreement with the audio; the yellow color informs that the exposure can be bad for the audio; and the color red is to alert you that the level is too high your audio may be impaired.

Enhanced SiriThe

Siri is now even smarter and recognizes music in the backgroundSiri is now even smarter and recognizes music in the background

How watchOS 6, now you can ask Crab which music is playing in the background. In previous versions of watchOS, the assistant only informed about the music that was being played locally on the site Apple Watch.

Another enhancement to Crab includes the ability to ask a question Crab about a topic. Next, you will see a list of clickable results related to that topic.

Browse sites directly via Siri

How about surfing the internet without typing a word? With the new Crab, you can also browse websites directly from the device, asking it to go to a specific URL. From there, the page with available images and links to play will be loaded.

Special calculator for Apple Watch

Updating the watchOS 6 brings a Calculator to Apple Watch for the first time. Included in the calculator is the function to quickly calculate the tip of an account.

Calculator has function for billing account.Calculator brings function for billing account

Voice memo app and audiobook

Another novelty for the Apple Watch native support of Voice Memos at the watchOS 6. The application Voice Memos not only does it allow you to create and play recordings, but it also allows you to view and synchronize recordings on other Apple devices. In addition, there is a new application Audiobook allows you to listen to your favorite books while on the go. The interface similar to layouts audio reproduction Apple Watch.

The Voice Memos application allows you to create and play recordings on all Apple devices. The Voice Memos app allows you to create and play recordings on all Apple devices

App Store on your wrist

For the first time since the arrival of the Apple Watch, it is now possible to download apps directly on the watch, thanks to a new native app from the App Store. New Apps like Calculator, Recorder and the upgrade of Reminder can be accessed at App Store.

watchOS 6App Store arrives on the Apple watch.

Due to the App Store itself, developers will be able to create applications exclusively for the Apple Watch, without the need for an iPhone. That is, gradually the user will be able to have the full potential of the Apple OS optimized right from the wrist.

WatchOS 6 compatibility

O watchOS 6 requires iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later and one of these models Apple Watch:

  • Apple Watch Series 1;
  • Apple Watch Series 2;
  • Apple Watch Series 3;
  • Apple Watch Series 4.

Not all features are available for all devices Apple.

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