Automatic exercise detection on watchOS 5

watchOS 5 is already among us, with the right Walkie-Talkie and improved Siri; update your Apple Watch right now!

There were months of waiting. Apple introduced the watchOS 5 in the last WWDC and since then, we (who are not registered developers) have only been following the evolution of its betas from afar – unlike the other systems of the company, after all, Apple does not offer a public test version for the system watch.

Now, he’s finally among us: the final version of watchOS 5 (which has the same build as the version Golden Master, the 16R364) is now available for all compatible Apple Watch owners; you can do the update right now and enjoy all the news brought in the update.

Who can update?

WatchOS 5 is compatible with all Apple Watch models except for first generation, launched in 2015 (yes, its gold Apple Watch Edition that cost R $ 135,000 is officially out).

Here, a reminder is worth: when launching the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple continued to sell a cheaper version of the watch called “Series 1”, which, despite its name, is slightly different from the original version launched in 2015. The Watch Series 1 therefore it is * also * compatible with watchOS 5.


Unlike last year, which brought a more timely update to Watches, watchOS 5 has a number of new features and functionality that will make watch owners happy. To start, the activity monitoring is smarter, with the automatic suggestion challenges and support group challenges, for a greater stimulus to move this little body.

Automatic exercise detection on watchOS 5

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In addition, watchOS 5 is also capable of automatically detect that you are starting an exercise and suggest your registration – it is no longer necessary to start recording manually. Want more? We also gained support for some new activities, such as Yoga and Trail, it is a rhythm alert to let you know when you’re above or below your recommended heart rate. The system even says the amount of steps per minute that you are giving during a run or walk.

Following, watchOS 5 also brings, for the first time, a native app of Podcasts – which is, here, nothing more than a simplified version of Podcasts for iOS that we already know. The application has automatic synchronization, full support from Siri and independent operation – that is, you can listen to your favorite programs without having your iPhone close.

Another very interesting novelty (and that was promised by Apple, amazingly, in the presentation of the original Watch) is the functionality of Walkie-Talkie, which allows you to communicate with another person using a compatible Apple Watch. The feature works just like the communication radios: just select a contact and touch the “Speak” button to send your message. The other person on the other side does the same thing. The “exchange” at the end of the sentence is optional, of course. ?

WatchOS 5 Walkie-Talkie app

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THE Crab, in turn, gains many improvements in watchOS 5. First of all, “Hey there, Siri” becomes unnecessary – just lift the watch up to your face and start speaking your order directly, without being blunt. In addition, the assistant is more proactive, accessing Watch apps more skillfully and showing tips or data on your home screen; the Siri dial, therefore, is much more complete, with suggestions of the Apple ecosystem and third-party apps, too.

Finally, we have new features in Notifications: it is now possible to perform quick actions directly on the wrist, like answering a message with predicted phrases or readjusting a table reservation in a restaurant. Integration with the WebKit rendering engine also allows you to see a preview of web pages directly on the clock screen, for a quick check on some information.

How to update?

Make sure your device has at least 50% battery power (the best thing is that it is fully charged) and then go to the Watch app, on the iPhone to which the watch is connected. In the “My Watch” tab, go to the “Software Update” section and tap on the available update. The new system file will begin to be downloaded. If you want, you can also activate the option to install updates automatically so you don’t have to worry about it the next time.

At the time of installation itself, the Watch must be connected to power. There is no need to worry about backups, as the iPhone already takes care of this automatically; the only advice I give is that you do it on a free day and sit back and relax, as the clock updates usually take a while.

Have you completed the process? Now you can leave your impressions below. What are you thinking about the news?