watchOS 5: How to access Control and Notification Centers on any screen

O watchOS It has evolved a lot since the first Apple Watch, l in 2015 so much that, from an extremely capped and unskilled system in its first version, the pet can today be considered a (almost) mature operating system, with consistent interface ideas, a Solid ecosystem is a real utility for the user.

WatchOS 5 is the ultimate proof of this evolution, with a series of improvements, large and small, that have led to the system an indeterminate phase of maturity. In fact, so much that not all of its small details have been widely discovered. Want to see? Just take a look at this quick tip on how to access the Control Centers and of Notifications from any watch screen.

In case you don't remember, these two system elements were previously only accessible from the clock face so you had to perform a double action of pressing the Digital Crown to go back to the clock and then swipe up or down to access your notifications or quick control shortcuts. Now, no more.

To access your notifications directly from any screen or app, simply touch and hold the top portion of the watch screen. In a moment, a little bit of Notification Center pops up on the screen; When this happens, just slide your finger down and it will appear before your eyes without leaving your app or activity.

Pulling Control Center on Apple WatchImage: iPhone Hacks

Control Center looks the same way: just hold your finger at the bottom of the screen and when a piece of the window pops up, slide up. Ready!

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tip of @ vini1914