WatchOS 3.2 is out! Find out what's changed and how to install it on your Apple Watch

After many tests (reaching a total of seven beta versions), the watchOS 3.2 has just been officially released to all Apple Watch owners.

The final build at 14V249.

Cinema mode in watchOS 3.2 beta

The new operating system version of Ma's watches comes with some improvements, including a new Cinema Mode (Theater Mode, so you can prevent the screen from turning on in environments such as cinema, theater, etc.) and the arrival of framework SiriKit to watchOS.

Here's the changelog complete officer:

  • Siri now works with apps from the App Store to start exercises, send messages, make payments, request transportation and more.
  • Cinema Mode activates silent mode and keeps the screen dimmed until you touch it, even when you raise your arm.
  • The “Doodling” feature is now available in French, Spanish and Italian.
  • The synchronization progress of playlists now displayed on the Apple Watch app for iPhone.

Installing watchOS 3.2

To install watchOS 3.2 is very simple, but you will need time (not a quick process, unfortunately).

First, make sure that the watch has at least 50% battery and is connected to power.

Don't worry about backup, as it is done automatically with your iPhone.

Open the Watch app on your iPhone and go to General Software Update.

If prompted, enter your iPhone and / or Apple Watch password.

Do not remove the watch from the charging base or move the iPhone away from the Apple Watch.

Wait for the Apple logo with a circular progress bar to appear on the watch.

When the update is finished, your Apple Watch will restart.

As I said, however, this process can take a while.

All properly installed, make good use of the few new features of watchOS 3.2! 😄

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