watchOS 3.2 comes with new colors for dials; analyst bets on third generation Apple Watch with cellular connectivity

It is a novelty that has gone unnoticed by many: watchOS 3.2, Apple silently included six new colors (plen, fog-blue, azure, camlia, flamingo and pebble) for the dials that match your newly launched bracelets.

New colors on the Apple Watch dials - watchOS 3.2

J os Apple Watches Nike +In turn, they also won six new colors (blue, indigo, violet powder, light violet, anthracite and light bone) for their exclusive dials Nike + Digital and Nike + Analgico.

New colors on the Apple Watch dials - watchOS 3.2

Before, it was possible to choose only from three options (white, white /volt and volt).

New colors on the Apple Watch dials - watchOS 3.2

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In a related note, the analyst Christopher Rolland, from Susquehanna Financial Group, recently traveled to Asia and returned from there with some supposedly hot information.

The most striking, undoubtedly, is the possibility that the third generation Apple Watch, perhaps called “Apple Watch Series 3”, comes with cellular connectivity (4G / LTE).

This is not a new rumor, by the way.

The device would not necessarily come with a tray /slot for SIM card; as we know, Ma today has the so-called Apple SIM.

On the 9.7-inch iPad Pro and for now only on it, this technology is fully integrated into the product (instead of a card that you fit into the tray, Apple has built it all into the device itself).

Taking into account the size of the Apple Watch, it makes a lot of sense for the company to choose to use this technology if it really takes this 100% connected watch design forward which would undoubtedly make the device much less dependent on the iPhone.

But there is battery

(via 9to5Mac, AppleInsider)