Watch the minutes go by and the tweets too. This website has a clock that not only gives hours

Think of a clock organized in a peculiar way. In addition to giving the typical hours, uses Twitter to show you the tweets shared by the social network community around the world every minute that passes.

Like a normal watch, the platform process is automatic and does not need the user to give hours. The only rule to get access to what you offer is to enter the website.

all the minutes

As soon as this is done, tweets from people around the world who use social media to share ideas, moods and many more appear on the screen. At the time we prepare this article, for example, the platform generates several tweets shared by users about what they are doing and that make reference to the time.

Shared tweets are quite varied. From people with sleepiness, starting the day and reports of "hunger", to Internet users wide awake and even in the mood to dance, shares automatically update to the next minute. And so on. All accompanied by the tick of a clock.