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Watch the iPad video on the Apple website now [atualizado]

We put as much information as possible in our articles on the iPad after today's event you can dig deeper into them and get all the information about the product, not to mention that we will have more in the coming days. But, while there is still no video of today's event, you can already watch a special presentation given by Apple executives about the product.

The video is very interesting, covering all aspects of the iPad, its hardware and some demonstrations of daily use. On the iPad website itself, it is also possible to register to receive more information about the device, while it is not launched.


Now, the MacRumors revealed that Apple posted today's keynote video for online viewing:

You can see it now on the Apple website there are still no HD versions there, but they won't be long in coming. Also, be sure to keep an eye on the Apple Keynotes podcast (iTunes Store), as the video will also appear over the next few hours.