Apple TV Video - China

Watch the beautiful videos (screensavers) that will come on the new Apple TV

The new Apple TV will begin to be sold next Monday (10/26). We still don’t know if it will be commercialized in Brazil at this first moment (even though the land is already prepared for that).

But one thing we are sure of: the new set-top box it won’t be cheap here. So, since many will continue with the second / third generation black box, how about taking a look at the aerial videos filmed by Apple itself to be used as a screen saver for the new product? Make no mistake: they are beautiful!

Apple TV Video - China

Apple will initially offer videos shot in Hawaii, London, China, New York and San Francisco (most locations have more than one video, including captures taken during the day and at night). When defining a city, for example, Apple TV will choose which video of it to play according to the user’s local time. Over time, more and more videos like these will be made available.

Benjamin Mayo said that they discovered (apparently Khaos Tian was responsible for the feat) the URL for the source server for these videos. From there, what he did was to analyze the video source on the server and display the available files in an interactive list. The videos are played directly from Apple’s servers, just like everything will happen on Apple TV.

So it’s good to have a peek soon, because the chances of Apple doing something to prevent these videos from being played that way (outside of an Apple TV) are pretty big.

[via 9to5Mac]