Silicone iPhone 8

Watch straps, iPhones cases and other new accessories now appear in Apple’s online stores

As always happens after announcing new products, Apple has already made “fresh” accessories available in its online stores (most of them also in Brazil), including several bracelets, cases, among others.

Check below what is already on the air, but not all with availability for purchase.

Apple Watch straps

To accompany the new generation of Apple watches launched this afternoon, the Series 3, some bracelet options have been updated and others, completely new, launched.

The well-known nylon weft won a new striped pattern with options of different colors, already available for US $ 50 and, in Brazil, for R $ 300.

With the same price, the new bracelet is already on sale sports loop, which, as it was presented at the event today, is lightweight and fits more comfortably to the users’ wrist.

In addition, a number of different color options for the sports bracelet also appeared on the website, as well as another Nike sports bracelet option.

In some countries (not in Brazil), new Hermès models are also available, with perforated Single Tour Rallye bracelets ($ 1,300) and Gala calf leather, inspired by Hermès classic driving glove, and also the Single Tour Eperon d ‘Or, in printed Gala calf leather, inspired by an equestrian scarf pattern designed by Henri d’Origny in 1974.

IPhones Cases

Silicone iPhone 8

Although it received the name of iPhone 8/8 Plus, the new cell phone from Apple continued with the same format, which makes it possible that the new cases are also compatible with the 7/7 Plus versions.

Today, new silicone cases were launched for the iPhones 7 and 8 (R $ 250) and for the iPhones 7 Plus and 8 Plus (R $ 280), in addition to new leather cases for the iPhones 7 and 8 (R $ 350) and for iPhones 7 Plus and 8 Plus (R $ 380).

iPhone X case

Even though it only reaches the public officially in November, the iPhone X has also won its own cases, made of silicone (US $ 40), leather (US $ 50) and a “folio” leather case in the same style as the iPad Smart Cover ( $ 100).

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

10.5-inch iPad Pro leather case  - (PRODUCT) RED

Even though it did not reveal in the keynote today any news for iPads or Apple Pencil, both won a new cover and a new case, respectively. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro won a leather case (PRODUCT) RED that can now be purchased for R $ 850 and the Apple Pencil also won a leather case with the same red, for sale for R $ 180.

Some new colors of leather Smart Covers (R $ 380) and silicone for the 10.5 ″ iPad Pro have also been added.


If you don’t want to purchase the rugged AirPower for wireless charging (not least because it will only hit the market in 2018), Apple now gives you options also from third parties. That is, you can purchase a Belkin base for $ 60 or, for the same price, one from mophie.

Wireless charging bases

However, if you are more of the “old” (joke), you can also have the good old charging dock for Lightning entry in the new golden color (R $ 380).

Beats headphones

Beats also announced some headphones that match the colors of the new iPhones very well, especially the golden one.

Matte gold beats

Beats Solo3 Wireless

The following models won the colors matte gold and matte silver: Beats Solo3 Wireless (R $ 1,800) and BeatsX (R $ 800). UrBeats3 (R $ 600), in addition to the two colors, also won a black option.

Apple TV Remote

Apple TV Remote

Look at the control of the new Apple TV and see if you can find any difference from its latest version. If you are very attentive you will notice that, now, around the “Menu” button there is a white circle. This helps the user to know which side the control is really in the dark – and the innovation stops there. But to make the public a little more satisfied, now it costs R $ 400 (before, it was R $ 550).

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The entire list of new accessories can be accessed on this page.

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