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Watch Effect: Apple begins to reject apps that mention the Pebble watch in their descriptions

When Apple introduced the Watch to the world, it made it clear that it was not willing to sell watch competitors in its physical stores and began to clean it up by removing the smart bracelets from the shelves of Apple Retail Stores. For the company is taking a similar step in the iOS ecosystem, too.

Pebble Time

A topic in the Pebble discussion forum claims that Apple has begun to reject applications that mention the name of the competing watch in their descriptions. The case happened to the developer of the app SeaNav US.

According to him, Apple did not approve an update of the application sent to the App Store claiming that its description mentioned the Pebble smart watch. As Apple does not allow less than competing platforms, the app was rejected.

Apparently the developer just needs to remove the Pebble name from the description and send the app again for everything to be approved. But let's face it, this is not at all cool, after all, how will users of the competing watch know which applications are compatible with the product? What's more, how does the official Pebble app stay in this story? After all, the official watch app necessarily needs to mention the name Pebble in its description and it is essential for anyone who uses Pebble and has an iPhone.

Let's hope that Apple will review this issue. Pebble, yes, a competitor. But that kind of attitude is more of a hindrance than a help.

(via Cult of Mac)