Australian print media contacted by Apple regarding tablet

Was Steve Jobs personally working on the iTablet project?

Like the design of the Snow Leopard box, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äča tablet produced in Cupertino is dividing the community. Some are sure it will be a success, while others believe it will be a bad idea. However, I believe that everyone will agree that Midas Steve Jobs could guarantee that the product was truly revolutionary.

Apple Tablet by Jesus Diaz

Now you can start saving your pennies, because, according to sources connected to the The Wall Street Journal, since Steve Jobs returned to work at Apple, his time there has been almost entirely devoted to the project.

People close to the CEO of Ma would have said that his care for all new projects is hard and intense, and that he would have given up on the idea twice until he considered that the concept was ready to be launched. His main reasons for putting the iTablet in the refrigerator were battery life and memory problems.

Jobs is known for his very high level of demand, and Apple never believed that a netbook was the right answer for the market that wants an intermediate product between the iPhone and the MacBook.

But the best repercussion of the article published by WSJ was the answer given by Jobs himself, who was contacted after the publication and commented in a short and blunt manner: "Much of the information is incorrect." But see, he didn’t deny the truth of his involvement. If * the guy * didn't deny it, who are we to say that he wouldn't be personally dedicated to the project?