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Was LG working on a multi-touch screen for the iMac?

A visit by to one of LG's monitor factories revealed that the Korean company is working on a screen model multi-touch for computers. As the company provides screens for Apple to use on the iMac, it is a strong candidate to be the first to use this technology.

Not many details about the project were provided, but the impression given by the visit is that the display developed with the technology is ready to be produced on a large scale. Nor is it known what his first destination will be – hopefully it will be a product from Ma.

Remember that there is still no certainty about when Macs with touchscreens will be placed on the market. With Macworld around and the growing rumors of multi-touch on Snow Leopard, an iMac competing with the HP TouchSmart PC could be launched in January, when rumors already indicate that its first model quad-core be announced.