Warsow on Desura – A Cartoon Face FPS for Linux

An FPS with a differentiated graph for Linux

An FPS for Linux for you to have fun with your friends

Warsow is a traditional FPS, the same style as Red Eclipse or Assault Cube but with something that makes it different from everyone, the graphic. Warsow for Linux

The game features all classic FPS game modes such as Death Match and Capture Flag for example, all in a very futuristic environment, the game has no story behind it, as it is made to play in full mode. online or LAN multiplayer.


Play on any platform

Who smart today develops in multiplatform, and this is certainly a plus point of Warsow, he has besides the version for Linux, versions for Windows and Mac, meaning you can play with your friends regardless of the system they use. . Warsow for Linux

Download and Installation

As I mentioned in the title, the game runs from Desura, which is a game platform similar to Steam, so you need to install Desura in your distro before continuing, but don't worry we already have a tutorial to teach you To do so, just click here.

Now that you have installed the Desura Just download the game by clicking the link below:

Warsow Linux on Desura

Good fun, be sure to comment and leave your suggestion to our series.

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