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Warp controversy does not appear to affect sales of new iPad Pro

From the fateful YouTube channel video JerryRigEverything, settled on the new iPads Pro It is a great controversy over the supposed fragility of the device casing and its susceptibility to controversial warping that has only gained out with reports of users who have received bent tablet units as they leave the box or have seen their copies bend within a few weeks. use.

The buzz was such that Apple had to speak up and the email sent to a consumer by its vice president of hardware Dan Riccio ended up more disruptive than helping with his “Our products have a very high quality screen, be glad".

The fact that, despite all the hype, consumer interest in the new iPad Pro does not seem to have cooled or reversed in any way at least as evidenced by data from one of the world's largest electronics retailers, Best buy.

Sales of the new iPad Pro at Best Buy

Sales of the new iPad Pro at Best Buy

The statistics, published by the Thinknumshow that sales of Apple's new ‚Äúprofessional‚ÄĚ tablets remain relatively stable since their release, peaking in the early days of availability and sexta-feira Negra. That is, either the controversy has not come out of our tech and stakeholder bubble, or consumers in general simply don't care much about the prospect of having their 1,000-dollar tablet slightly crooked.

Of course, the research sample is not decisive in order to have a more concrete idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthe effect of the polemic, we will need to analyze data referring to the total sales of new tablets, preferably in all countries where it is already selling. Still, it's an interesting indication that perhaps the iPads Pro may close 2018 as one of Apple's most interesting and well-received creations of the year. To be?

via 9to5Mac