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Warning: Some users are having problems updating to watchOS 5.1. [atualizado 2x]

What would one day of Apple operating system releases be without some little problem, no? Today the ball seems to be the watchOS 5.1.

Some users including readers of the (like Guilherme Rambo himself, who traveled with us on the MM Tour VII) and users of the MacRumors and Reddit are having trouble updating the clock's operating system, and that's because if the process fails, the device becomes a brick (brick).

In such cases, since there is no way to put Apple Watch in DFU mode and connect it via cable to a Mac for a manual restore, only Apple or an Authorized Service Center can solve the problem. And usually the customer even has his watch replaced.

Obviously, this problem in general. There are some reports (enough to be publishing this post, and perhaps Apple may decide to take watchOS 5.1 down, which it hasn't done so far), but a lot of people have updated it without a problem.

Anyone else go through it? 😕

via 9to5Mac

Update 10/30/2018 s 22:15

, the thing was serious. Apple has just taken the update offline.

via @_inside

Update II 10/31/2018 s 08:40 AM

To TechCrunch, Apple made the following statement:

Due to the small number of Apple Watch owners who had a problem installing watchOS 5.1 today, we took the software update offline as a precaution. Affected customers should contact AppleCare, but nothing needs to be done if the update was successfully installed. We are working on a fix for a future software update.